Indigenous in Us Workshop: Ancestral Time Counts


In this public workshop, participants will be introduced to ancestral Anahuac time counts. The term Anahuac refers to the indigenous peoples from the vast geographic region known as Meso-America, which extends from Mexico to Central America. Participants will learn how natives used astronomy and natural phenomena to create precise and natural time counts. Workshop will be led by Calpulli Tloqueh Nahuaqueh representative Cozkacuauhtli Huitzilzenteotl. 

Calpulli Tloqueh Nahuaqueh is a collective of families and individuals from the Northeast San Fernando Valley. Since 1997, the mission of the collective has focused on the preservation and diffusion of ancestral culture and sciences from Mexico and Central America. Working out of Hubert Humphrey Park in Pacoima and Tia Chucha's cultural center, the group has conducted various workshops, classes, and celebrations that have involved and engaged community members of all ages. In the mission to preserve and diffuse ancestral knowledge and perspectives they challenge official versions of Mexica history, thus curtailing social and identity problems in their community as in the greater Los Angeles area.

Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural & Bookstore--with a mission to transform community through ancestral knowledge, the arts, literacy and creative engagement-- is honored to host this project called The Indigenous in Us: Embracing Ancestral Knowledge & Sharing the Beauty of Practice. Calpulli Tloqueh Nahuaqueh: Ancestral Time Counts workshop is part of our series of free public cultural events. Showcasing Northeast San Fernando Valley community-based indigenous practices of Native Mexica and local Native American groups benefits individual and social wellbeing through the sharing of ancestral knowledge and arts. 

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October 24, 2020 at 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Zoom Virtual Workshop
Melissa Sanvicente · · 818-939-3433

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