Core Teachings



The Three E’s  by Luis J. Rodriguez

We use the 3 Es (Examine, Evoke, and Express) to help  participants learn how to use different art forms for personal development.  

  • Examine: Using art as a tool to reflect and understand  the outcomes of events in our life
  • Evoke: Becoming in touch with one’s feelings  
  • Express: Sharing the stories within that must be shared 

The FOUR Circles of Life (Ancestral Teaching) 

We use the 4 Circles of life to help participants learn about the interconnections and power to influence the self, family, community, and society and vice versa.

  • Self: Understanding and exploring oneself through our story and discover one's life purpose
  • Family:Understanding proper family structures and dynamics 
  • Community:Understanding the importance of community
  • SocietyU: Understanding the effects of Society


1. Relationship Dynamics

  • Identifying healthy and toxic relationship habits 
  • Identifying the roles and purpose of different  relationships
  • Basic relationship building skills 

2. Personal Development

  • Increase knowledge of a specific skill/trait 
  • Increasing Self-Awareness 
  • Increasing Self-Esteem 

3. Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

  • Exposure to historical context, and narratives that are relatable  
  • Teaching and developing critical thinking 

4. Social-Emotional Competence

  • Strengthening Self- Awareness
  • Developing Personal Agency, and Social Skills  
  • Developing Social Awareness

5. Community Engagement

  • Participation in positive community event 
  • Organizing youth lead events for peers and community 

6. Family Resilience

  • Helping develop understanding of family history 
  • Helping understand family dynamics 

7. Economic Opportunities

  • Job Development  
  • Community Outreach Skills 
  • Public Speaking Skills 
  • Increasing access to College Prep and Vocational Training Resour

8. Spiritual Wellness

  • Learning tools for self- expression and mindfulness 
  • Learning how to identify and communicate mental, emotional, and physical needs 
  • Self-Preservation Practices

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