From Trauma to Transformation Activities

Workshops in Creative Writing and Theater for Formerly Incarcerated Adults Every Season

Creative Writing as Creative Living

The class is open for those interested in Creative Writing for 7 sessions, 2 hours with Kesau’c Hill.  The point of the workshops is to tap into the participants’ voice utilizing Creative Writing tools as a method for expression.  The class will not only be for writing but also serve as a support and mentoring space for those who have been formerly incarcerated. Each workshop will produce written work that has the potential to being published in Tia Chucha’s Press. The workshops will occur every Saturday of the month at Tia Chucha’s from 12-2 PM for 7 weeks.


Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural is having monthly and seasonal workshops in teatro! The process is like a metamorphosis from a worm to a butterfly. Once the person (actor) trust and commits there journey begins within the medium of theater. But what makes us different is we are coming from a lens as indigenous people. A synthesis of theater of the oppressed, indigineity, and modern theater practices facilitated by Oh Mateo.

Youth Mentoring Program Young Warriors

A special support mentoring program for youth who have been impacted by mass incarceration will occur every season under the Young Warriors program.  Please contact the Young Warriors by emailing Mayra at: [email protected].


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