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Tia Chucha’s is a dream that was made real in 2001. Today, this cultural wellness center and bookstore creates positive change in the lives of thousands of people all year round. Tia Chucha’s is able to do this thanks to the hard work and heart of community members, paid and unpaid, whose combined efforts awaken individuals and families to their worth and gifts. A self-aware community forges a stronger, more imaginative wellspring of people who together can create a more healthy environment for themselves and others.

Over the years Tia Chucha’s has served as a meeting place for people of all walks of life moved by a common hunger for meaning and change. We are a creative hub of giving and receiving where life-changing shifts take place. Children make music. Grown-ups find their creative voices. Artists and change agents share their beauty and truths. Youth become peaceful warriors. Non-readers fall in love with books, and non-writers morph into poets. In short, people evolve into fuller versions of their authentic selves.

It takes valuable contributions from everyone to sustain a space like Tia Chucha’s, a cultural beacon “Where Art & Minds Meet--For A Change”.



We know the importance of being rooted in community. That is why in 2016, as Tia Chucha’s turned 15, we celebrated this hard-won milestone with a promise to anchor ourselves even more deeply in community. We launched our Dream Maker membership circle as an opportunity to invest in Tia Chucha’s cause of making life-changing arts and literacy accessible as a human right. It is encouraging to see the growing circle of Dream Makers who are pledging financial support from and for the community we serve.

This much-needed support tells us that people  like you have our back! Like you, Tia Chucha’s knows how to make a little go a long way. With your help Tia Chucha’s will continue its legacy of providing free and low cost cultural arts and ancestral knowledge programming as well as literacy and creative engagement experiences to a deserving population.

Your pledge--multiplied by friends, family, neighbors and many people like you--can make a great difference. We invite you--and as many people as you can encourage--to join our Dream Makers membership circle today.



Your monthly pledge of support makes you eligible for special Tia Chucha benefits.


Benefits for a monthly pledge of $15 to $99:

  • 15% discount on book purchases.
  • 1 complimentary copy of our most recent Tia Chucha Press publication.
  • Priority access to any complimentary tickets gifted to Tia Chucha’s.


Benefits for a monthly pledge of $100 or more:

  • 20% discount on book purchases.
  • 2 complimentary copies of our 2 most recent Tia Chucha Press publications.
  • Priority access to any complimentary tickets gifted to Tia Chucha’s.
  • 1 complimentary ticket to our annual fundraiser.


To become a Dream Maker, sign up at https://tiachuchas.nationbuilder.com/membership. Thanks for your support!

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