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Celebrating Words Festival Drive-Thru Experience

The From Trauma to Transformation: Together We Grow installation is an interactive educational exhibit created by youth and community artist Kristy Sandoval as part of WE RISE. Tia Chucha’s Young Warriors Mentoring program has brought together young adults in our community to create a mobile mural as a form of creative expression and processing of their experiences as young people living through a pandemic and witnessing the call for change. Although, this past year there has been a lot of loss, grief, anger, and at times hopelessness exacerbated by systemic injustices, there has also been love, community building, and plenty of creativity. What 2020 did was put into focus the many issues and ills that are systematically embedded in our society, and helped raise consciousness on what community care and compassion can look like. Currently, even after budget cuts the Los Angeles city budget for police is approximately about $2.7 billion, this does not include unrestricted funds also allocated to police (Los Angeles Times, 2020). When compared to social services it is less than the allocated budget for Libraries, Fire, and others combined. We are not completely out of ending systemic racism, but we are growing in the amount of dreamers and doers to create a world centered on love and compassion.

by Kristy Sandoval 

From Trauma to Transformation Documentary Q&A


Sacred Breath

Tune in on StoryCrops to , "Sacred Breath = Stories shared from relatives Dignity and Power Now/Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural" to listen to folks share their lived experiences. Or stream our culminating event where formally incarcerated individuals were honored


Make A Poem Cry Social Justice Bookclub

Make a Poem Cry

Creative Writing from California’s Lancaster Prison

Edited by Kenneth E. Hartman & Luis J. Rodriguez

Make a Poem Cry is an anthology of poems from one of California’s high-security prisons brought to us through the creative writing classes of Luis J. Rodríguez, sponsored by the Alliance for California Traditional Arts. Rodríguez, who is Tia Chucha Press’s founding editor, and formerly incarcerated writer Kenneth E. Hartman have selected work penned from 2016 to 2018. These are poems, essays, stories, and more mined from the depths of familial, racial, and economic violence. They are imaginings for how to address trouble and crime without punishment, dehumanization, and violence in return. Here’s restorative/transformative justice in action. Here’s redemption in the flesh. Here are voices and viewpoints needed for a just and equitable world for all.


We Are Power Community in Action Conference: Carcerality Rules Everything Around Me

California State University, Northridge presented by the Social Work Department

Featuring Poets Kesau'c Hill and Ramiro Rodriguez


Los Angeles Public Library Blog 2015

From Trauma to Transformation by Luis J. Rodriguez, Poet Laureate of Los Angeles 2015


Check out our bookstore's collection on books discussing Abolition, Transformative Justice, Prisons, and more!!




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