From Trauma to Transformation Project Summary

Inspired by the work of Luis J. Rodriguez, Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural project, “From Trauma to Transformation” is to help bring change the national dialogue on prisons and prisoners by giving voice, expression, and presentation to the lived experiences of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men and women in the Los Angeles area by means of writing, poetry, spoken word, oral histories, theater and memoir.  The narrative that “people can’t change” or “once a criminal, always a criminal” must change to one that says with the arts-with words, with story with song-- troubled men and women can re-imagine, renew, and regenerate a new life filled with character, decency, and personal authority. This is about honoring the mostly unconscious initiatory fire of highly marginalized and largely de-humanized people behind bars with their true stories of struggle toward redemption, from troubles to triumphs, written and performed by the actual participants.  "From Trauma to Transformation" is a project funded by Arts for Justice. Contact the Project Coordinator for any questions by emailing [email protected]




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