Young Warriors Mentoring Program



Young Warriors Mentoring Program focuses on Leadership mentorship.  The role of a leadership mentor is to provide the tools and space needed in which youth, from all walks of life, can learn how to access and communicate their physical, mental and emotional needs and heal from their childhood traumas/struggles. We believe leading youth in facing their childhood wounds is key to achieve and understand their [own] self-authority, stability, discipline, purpose, and identity.  


Help young people develop their leadership and communication skills through the power of the arts and proper mentoring.


Empower a generation of community leaders capable of expressing their mental, emotional and physical needs to live balanced, purposeful and wholesome lives. 

OUR VALUES                                                                                       

      ⚈ Humanity                                                                                          

      ⚈ Transformative Justice                                                                      

      ⚈ Economic Equity                                                                             

      ⚈ Creative vision and expression                                                                                                          

      ⚈ Holistic Healing                                                                                  

      ⚈ Ancestral teachings knowledge and wisdom 

      ⚈ Community Self Empowerment

      ⚈ The Arts

Young Warriors was created to meet the needs of young people living in the neglected communities of the northeast San Fernando Valley and beyond. The need being a brave, judgment-free space, in which young people from all walks of life could coexist, learn from each other, mature and contribute to the betterment of themselves, families, and community. 



  • Class Presentations on Young Warriors Services 


  • Art-Based Prevention Program 

2-hr sessions once or twice a week (depending on the need for the community site)


Talking Circles aimed to help develop the voices and characters of youth who carry anger and depression silently and loudly from being neglected, traumatized, criminalized, and disconnected from themselves, family, community, and society as a direct result of the impacts of war on drugs and mass incarceration.

Goals of PreventionProgram 

      ⚈ Expose youth to writing and sharing as a form of destressing  

      ⚈ Help youth to learn how to express themselves and develop their self-esteem  

      ⚈ Teach youth how to identify healthy/ unhealthy coping skills through relationship dynamics.       

      ⚈ Help youth gain a sense of self-worth, build their character,  discover their identity and place of belonging. 

Space is held every Wednesday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural 13197-A Gladstone Ave. Sylmar, CA 91342 

For more information regarding the Young Warriors Program
Contact Program Director: Mayra Zaragoza 
Phone:818-939-3433| 818-913-1968 
Now Accepting Referrals via Walk-in/Email
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