Young Warriors Youth Program



In 2007, Mayra Zaragoza, then a high school student, established Young Warriors Youth Mentoring Program, under the umbrella of, Tia Chucha's Cultural Center & Bookstore with the help of the co-founder and know author Luis J. Rodriguez. Young Warriors was created to meet the needs of the young people living in the low income communities of the northeast San Fernando Valley.

The need being: a safe, judgment-free space, in which young people from all walks of life could coexist, learn from each other, mature and contribute to the betterment of themselves and community.

Mission and Vision:


Help young people develop their leadership and communication skills through the power of the arts and proper mentoring.


Empower a generation of community leaders capable of to expressing their mental, emotional and physical needs to live balanced, purposeful and wholesome lives.

Young Warriors Mentoring Program focuses on Leadership mentorship.  The role of a leadership mentor is to provide the tools and space needed in which youth, from all walks of life, can learn to access and communicate their physical, mental and emotional needs and healing from their childhood traumas/struggles. Guiding mentee(s) to face their childhood wounds, is key to achieve and understand their [own] self authority, stability, discipline, purpose, and identity.  



For more information regarding the Young Warriors Program
Contact Founder/Program Director: Mayra Zaragoza 
Phone:818-939-3433| 818-913-1968 
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