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Angie Castro


Angie Castro (she/her) has been a part of the Tia Chucha's family for many years. She is a published Tia Chucha Press Poet and an ongoing member of Tia Chucha’s In The Words of Womyn group. She has volunteered countless hours over the years as part of the Tia Chucha’s committee for the annual The Celebrating Words Festival and is a dedicated community organizer. She is also the co-founder of the San Fernando Cultural Arts Collective where she uses her event coordinating skills to bring Educational Arts for all. Yearly the Collective offers a Free Annual Dia De Los Muertos event at San Fernando Park. Apart from her dedication to Tia Chucha's, Angie has 16 years of experience in accounting. For most of her career she was a Collector and an Accounts Receivable Specialist and is now currently serving as Tia Chucha’s bookkeeper.

Angie Castro

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