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Gabriela Cortes

Deli Coordinator & Bookstore Assistant

Gabriela Cortes (She/They) was born and raised in occupied Tataviam tierras — Pakoinga/Pacoima. Gabriela began their journey at Tia Chucha’s through the Young Warriors program in 2016 and has stuck around since! They have participated as a volunteer, youth mentor, and have been engaged in pursuing the goal of bringing back Tia Chucha’s Cafe. In 2020, they graduated from the California State University of Northridge, with a BA in Anthropology and Gender and Women’s Studies. In 2022, they took on the role of the Coateca Program Coordinator, with the goal to expand and reimagine Tia Chucha’s culinary presence in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. Through grassroots organizing and a love for their community, they aspire to cultivate intercultural and intergenerational dialogue as a means to evoke transformative justice and communal empowerment. In their free time, Gabriela enjoys indulging in the culinary arts, traveling (mindfully), getting crafty, live music/entertainment, and spending time with their plantitas and loved ones.

Gabriela Cortes

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