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Zacarías Bernal

Program Assistant

Zacarías Bernal (he/him) is a graduate of UCSB with a BA in Chicanx Studies, where he was involved with Pages for Individuals in Prison and Gaucho Underground Scholars, developing a passion for books and a social responsibility towards political education and abolitionist organizing. He wrote a thesis as part of UCSB’s Chicanx Studies Department honors program titled: “END OF SILENCE: An Autohistoria-Teoría of a System-Impacted Mexican American Family and the LAPD”. When he is not reading or writing, Zacas enjoys capturing the moment through photography and attending local community events. Zacarias became involved with Tia Chucha’s in 2023 as a Summer Arts Program Intern and culminated into the Program Assistant role that Fall. Whether you want to organize a study group, share some photography, or talk about visions of another world, you can connect with Zacas at

Zacarías Bernal

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