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Welcome to Tía Chucha's Tiahui Talks! Tía Chucha's Centro Cultural, located on Tataviam land in the Northeast San Fernando Valley, is rooted in ancestral knowledge, culture, literacy and social justice as a means to personal and communal transformation. It is a place where hearts and minds have united for change for over 22 years. Join us as we share stories of personal transformation and our understanding of the world that unites us as a community.

We must remember that another world has always been possible . Tiahui, a Nahuatl word for adelante, to move forward. Like a spiral, together we move towards a better future, cognizant of the resiliency we carry from our past.

Listen to topics around indigenous and ancestral knowledge, the power of the arts as the means to move communities together, and nurturing creative imagination for healing. 

Tiahui Talks

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where art & minds meet for a change

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