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Blue Indigenous hieroglyphic design
Dad holding their child part of an indigenous ceremony

Learn about indigenous history and practices that have guided our individual and communal well being.


Children are making oragami in a paper making workshop offered by tia chuchas

Our multi-disciplinary arts education classes welcome youth, adults, and elders from the Northeast San Fernando Valley to learn about themselves, their culture, and community through music, visual art, creative writing, and more.

Arts series

We’re taking our cultural arts and ancestral knowledge classes to prisons, juvenile halls, probation camps, and community centers to change the national dialogue on prisons and help end mass incarceration.

trauma to transformation

Trauma to Transformation team doing a play that they are performing
Children riding scooters as a part the night ride on new bike path that was built

We’re transforming a street in Sylmar! Read about our Moving Beauty Pathway project and Great Streets award, made possible by you! 

Moving beauty pathway

Tune in as we share our personal stories of transformation and our understanding of the world that unites us as a community. From indigenous and ancestral knowledge to the power of arts, each podcast episode is dedicated to nurturing the creative imagination and healing in all of us.

Tiahui talks

Logo for Tiahui talks podcast

where art & minds meet for a change

Tia Chucha's Logo
Blue Indigenous hieroglyphic design
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