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Rosalilia M. Mendoza

Lil Readers Storyteller

Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley/Tataviam lands, Rosalilia M. Mendoza (she/her) is the eldest daughter of six siblings. Her parents migrated from Zacatecas & Michoacan. Rosalilia has indigenous ancestry tracing back to Zacatecas, Colima, Michoacan, & Jalisco. As a former therapist, educator, and community & political activist, Rosalilia shares her healing journey by writing, playing music, the arts, and liberatory literacies in hopes of transforming thorns into roses. Currently, Rosalilia enjoys reading, storytelling, working with the amazing team at Tia Chucha's, writing, researching her family tree, baking, learning social and political issues impacting indigenous peoples from all continents, and both envisioning and creating a just and better world for her son, Chalchihuitl and future generations to thrive in.

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